OpenWorld2 provides semi – independent housing for young people, aged between 16-21 years of age who are looked after by the Local Authority. We aim to provide a home which prepares young people to live independently.

As care and support providers we believe in providing:
– We work closely with young people that are working towards independence, some may have offending behaviour and other behavioural and emotional difficulties.
– We provide an adequate environment that enables young people to live comfortably and specific to their needs. This may then help them live appropriately in the community.
– We cater for the needs of young people from diverse religious, cultural, ethnic and sexuality backgrounds including young people from the “Unaccompanied Minors” and those of “Refugee” status.
– We also provide intervention support for those with offending behaviours including drug / alcohol / substance awareness.
– Direct access to translation services for those needing support with English language.
– Key work sessions linked back to care planning targets and outcome.
– We also have available support for those young people who would be interested in education and others who would be interested in vocational training.