We currently have 3 placements available in our boys’ unit in Redbridge. We will be providing 24-hour care to young boys from various backgrounds, adequate to their specific needs. We also work alongside local universities, who provide us with student social workers who work closely with our young people.

We are a new Semi-Indepedent placement provider. We cater for all types of young people, however on arrival risk assessments will be done which will allow us to place young people in homes which match their needs. We provide a friendly environment in which each young person receives adequate services.

Your home, is situated in East London which has excellent leisure centres, restaurants and colleges. Furthermore, it has good transportation facilities such as busses and trains to across greater London, allowing you to travel throughout the country within hours.

We do have house rules and we do ask that we value and treat each other with respect. We avoid swearing, using offensive and bad language, shouting and arguing, and any form of physical violence and bullying towards fellow house members and staff. These rules are there for your health, safety and in your best interests at heart.